Consulting and Speaking for your Small Business

I started my first business in 2009 working out of my dining room juggling two small kids and a little side business. By 2011 I had grown my business to the point where my husband could quit his corporate job and come work with me at the company I had started. He has a MBA with specialization in marketing, so working together we have learned a lot about how to grow a business. Being a creative entrepreneur allows my family to live anywhere, so we decided to move where we wanted to live... we pulled out a map and chose Asheville, North Carolina to move in 2012.


Our company continued to flourish, but I began to feel like I wanted to follow my true passion, so in the summer of 2014 I closed up shop and jumped in with both feet to start inkWELL Press®. We launched in November of 2014 and were listed by Jeff Bullas as one of the Top Ten Facebook campaigns of 2014 just one month after opening up shop. We've grown our business at a rapid pace and have enjoyed every minute of it. Owning a business is a lot of hard work, but the rewards are worth it. I've been consulting for several years now, but I'm excited to start working on helping more women grow their businesses.


I came to be a business owner without any experience in marketing.  I reached out to Tonya for small business consulting because of her experience, knowledge, and her approach.  Tonya is easy to talk to and provided me with the skills I needed to begin building my brand.  I came away from each consultation with Tonya with a clearer vision of my business, the next steps, the talking points, and the materials I need to market my brand.  Tonya meets you where you are in your journey as an entrepreneur.  She addresses your needs and often topics you never even considered.

Creative Business ConsultingBeing a small business owner is hard work, and it’s important to have someone to talk through issues that come up. Tonya and I have been friends since the early start of our businesses, and she has been a great sounding board for me on anything from pricing to branding to generating product ideas. She’s a great teacher and honest with her feedback. I’ve been excited to see her branch out into consulting/coaching others and know she is a valuable resource to anyone that works with her!
Creative Business ConsultingTonya is an incredibly talented businesswoman and shares those skills brilliantly with others. Every time I talk to her about branding or marketing, her ideas are spot-on. I have loved watching her grow her own successful small businesses and am confident that she will be a valuable resource to others looking to do the same.

Let's work together to talk about setting goals, creating a shop, formulating a marketing plan, figuring out pricing, or whatever hurdles you are facing. Rates start at $499 hour for one-on-one phone consults, but we are happy to pull together a package depending on your needs… Just send us an email at I also speak at workshops and events on a range of topics depending on what your group needs - work/life balance, goal setting or small business. If you are looking for speaking rates, contact us at and give us a little information about your event and we'll get back with you!