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Tonya Dalton started her first business back in 2008 with $50 in seed money. It was supposed to be a fun little side hobby while John, her husband, traveled the world working as an international marketing executive for a Fortune 500 business. That little hobby soon grew to a full time career. By 2010, she was at the point where John was able to quit the corporate world and come work by her side at the company she had started.

But in the fall of 2013, something didn’t feel quite right. Her passion for her work was gone and she didn’t feel fulfilled. Because of her strong belief in chasing your passions, she decided to shut down her successful business at the start of 2014 in order to dedicate time to finding her true passion.

After some serious soul searching with John they narrowed in on the 3 big passions in Tonya’s life - teaching, organization and empowering women. In focusing on those true passions, inkWELL Press® was born - a company that

is steeped in its mission of teaching women to feel organized and empowering them to feel their very best. Everything they do, everything they create and designed is fueled by that mission rather than by revenue. And they couldn’t be happier.

inkWELL Press was launched in November of 2014 out of the basement of their home. Launch day brought 500 orders and the immediate need for employees. One month later their launch was named one of the Top Ten Facebook Campaigns of the Year by JeffBullas.com. By 2016, the business has grown by leaps and bounds and into its own building - and still every business decision is driven by the mission set forth by Tonya. Tonya & John still work side by side...or rather across from each other at a desk built for two. They spend their days laughing, planning and working together and they wouldn’t change a thing. Running a mission driven business together is a dream come true.

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